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Special Needs Clothing

For Diabetic and Breast Cancer Patients

Customized service offered to tailor store-purchased clothing items, lingerie, to accommodate medical devises or prosthesis to fit the special needs of patients.
  • The easy to wash "Insulin Pump Carrying Case" is custom designed to accommodate a catheter.
    It can be attached to a waistband, pocket, bra, garter belt, sock, or underwear.
  • Restoring postural balance, for women who had to undergo breast surgery is one of the many steps to recovery. Often store-purchased lingerie need some special attention to allow external breast forms to stay in place.

    We have:
    • sewn pockets into patient's own bras to accommodate breast form (s) of different shapes and thicknesses
    • modified camisoles to hold drainage tubing and bottles,
    • styled swimsuits, and
    • adjusted dressy outfits.
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vsuares@Gmail.com and let me know your needs.